Let the best hair implant specialist in Colombia treat your hair loss.

We are pioneers in the use of the F.U.E technique in Medell├şn and Barranquilla, the most efficient treatment for hair restoration.

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We help you fight your hair loss. We are happy to announce our new office in Barranquilla. Book your online consultation now with our specialist Juan David Londo├▒o

Hair Implant Specialists

Pioneers of the FUE technique

At Skin and Hair we are leaders in different hair restoration treatments. We have surgical and non-surgical options to meet the needs of our patients with hair loss issues.

We are pioneers in the use of the FUE technique in Medell├şn to perform hair implant surgery. This makes us the most experienced option in our environment to perform this procedure.

We have a single headquarters and we are not a franchise. All of our patients are treated by Dr. Juan David Londo├▒o, Plastic Surgeon, who is the leader and founder of Skin and Hair. This allows us to consistently achieve excellent results with all of our patients.

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Hair implants through the FUE technique

Treatment for alopecia

It is a prompt, fast and effective recovery procedure that allows to repopulate those areas where hair has been lost.

The FUE technique allows follicle-to-follicle hair transplant, with minimal residual scars and optimal efficacy and appearance.

The results obtained through our follicular unit grafting are long-lasting and natural-looking. It’s time to fight alopecia with our hair implants procedure, don’t wait any longer!

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Step by step hair implant procedure

Our services

We have a variety of services that share the same purpose: to repopulate areas where there is no longer any hair. They are extremely effective treatments for very particular cases such as: patients with alopecia, men and women who wish to repopulate the areas in which they have lost hair volume over the years, etc.

Hair Restoration

It consists of the implementation of various non-surgical management strategies aimed at improving hair loss, especially in patients with non-scarring alopecia.

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Capillary Plasma

There are already several studies that show positive results in the management of alopecia (baldness) after monthly therapies with fibrin matrix rich in platelets.

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Hair implant

Hair implant is the modern version of hair restoration surgery. It seeks to repopulate areas that have been affected by alopecia or baldness processes.

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Hair implant. The right fit for you

Recover your hair, your confidence and your youth

This procedure, more than recovering your voluminous hair, will also allow you to recover your confidence and youth.

This hair implant procedure lasts approximately 8 hours and can be performed in one or two days depending on the case and the extension of the recipient area.

The cost of a hair microimplant in Medellin, on average, ranges from $10,400,000 Colombian pesos onwards. For small areas or scars, the price may change.

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Hair implant in crown.

Completed hair implant.

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Frequently asked questions

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If I have been diagnosed with alopecia, how long should I undergo treatment to correct it?

If alopecia occurs as a result of some organic alteration, such as hypothyroidism, a hormonal disorder or another disease, the management to be carried out is related to the treatment of the underlying pathology. But if it is androgenetic alopecia, which is the most common presentation of alopecia, the treatment must be permanent.

This means that alopecia is not cured but is controlled while the patient is under some treatment modality. If at any time the treatment is suspended, in a short time the patient will begin to notice hair loss again.

What type of medical treatment should I follow after my hair microimplant surgery?

The implanted grafts do not need any supportive medical therapy, but the original hair that is adjacent to the implanted grafts must continue to be treated with some medication to avoid its loss or deterioration. This will be indicated by our specialist.

In which cases is surgical management recommended?

Hair microimplant surgery is used to repopulate areas that are no longer recoverable with medical management, whether it is the scalp, eyebrows, beard or other areas of the body where you want to have hair coverage.

It is also frequently used to camouflage scars on the scalp since there are no hair follicles in the scar tissue that allow spontaneous hair growth.

Es tambi├ęn frecuente su uso para camuflar cicatrices en el cuero cabelludo ya que en el tejido cicatricial no hay fol├şculos pilosos que permitan el crecimiento espont├íneo del pelo.

Where do you get the hair follicles that are going to be implanted in the area to be repopulated?

These hair follicles can be obtained from any body area where there is healthy hair, that is, hair that is considered not going to show early fall. For this reason, the occipital region is generally used as a donor, but hair can also be obtained from the thoracic region, the beard, the pubis or the extremities.

If you still have questions and would like more information, please contact us!

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