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CRT consists of the implementation of various non-surgical management strategies, aimed at correcting hair loss. It is especially useful in patients with non-scarring alopecia.

In addition to the recommendations with medications for the treatment of alopecia, lasers can be used in combination with different forms of hair mesotherapy and capillary plasma sessions (platelet-rich plasma treatment).

By implementing all these strategies together, the hair follicle will be stimulated, its quality will improve and its life will be prolonged. At the same time, the capillary density will be increased, improving the degree of satisfaction in patients with alopecia.


Androgenic alopecia and medical evaluation

The term alopecia refers to hair loss on the scalp or any other area of ​​the body (eyelashes, eyebrows, armpits, genital region, beard). It can originate from various causes, the most common being Androgenic Alopecia.

Androgenic Alopecia usually affects 50% of Caucasian men in their 50s and 80% of those in their 80s. Female pattern hair loss affects 40% of women in their 70s.


Diffuse alopecia

Gradual hair loss, in which the hair becomes weaker and finer. Cause: illnesses, medications, poor diet, stress, among others.

Androgenetic alopecia

It is hair loss due to genetic factors, it is the most common condition. Loss of hair density occurs in the upper area of ​​the head.

Areata alopecia

The loss comes in the form of hairless patches. It only affects certain areas of the scalp. In some cases you can lose the hair of the eyebrows, eyelashes, among others.

Scarring alopecia

It is characterized by the gradual loss of hair in specific areas, causing flaking and redness in these areas.

During an assessment and medical study of approximately 45 minutes, Doctor Londoño will evaluate your case. He will try to establish the presence or absence of any condition that explains the hair loss. Likewise, he will explain the whole process to you in detail and will provide the advice you need to be able to meet all the expectations that you have created.

In this medical study, based on the patient’s history, any disease or pathology incompatible with the procedure is ruled out. During first interview, we identify when the hair loss began, its intensity, solutions used, allergies (if any) and expectations.

Once the diagnosis is made, an appropriate management plan is established for each case, in which both medical and surgical options are considered.

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It lasts approximately 45 minutes for a value of 250,000 Colombian pesos.

Medical and surgical management

Medical management: refers to drug therapy, hair mesotherapy, low-level light therapy, and platelet-rich plasma . Mesotherapy is an injection of different types of substances into the scalp.

Surgical management : when hair recovery from medical management is not possible, surgical methods are implemented to repopulate the areas devoid of hair. Although in the past, surgical methods did not allow to obtain natural results, modern hair restoration surgery does. This offers the possibility of really improving the aesthetic appearance of the affected area.

To improve the aesthetics of this area, it is necessary to implement a follicular unit graft process. These hair follicles can be obtained from any body area where there is healthy hair, that is, hair that is considered not going to show early loss.

The extraction can be performed by resection of a segment of the scalp (strip) or through the FUE technique (excision of follicular units).

This last technique can be developed completely manually or with the assistance of different types of equipment. Including the possibility of using robotic arms.

Whichever method is selected, it is usually performed under local anesthesia and offers the possibility of good results with quick recovery.

Step by step

1. Blood test

2. Extraction

3. Separation

4. Injection

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