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Professional Hair Transplant in Medellin Colombia

Hair implant is the modern version of hair restoration surgery. It is performed with the purpose of repopulating hair in those areas affected by alopecia or baldness processes.

In this surgery, hair follicles are obtained from a donor area (generally the posterior region of the scalp) to be implanted in the area to be covered. Obtaining the follicular units can be done using the strip technique or individually using the FUE technique.

Hair implant surgery lasts approximately 8 hours and can be performed in one or two days depending on the case and the extension of the recipient area. The cost of a hair microimplant in Medellin, on average, ranges from $10,400,000 Colombian pesos onwards. For small areas or scars, the price may change.

During a 45-minute medical evaluation appointment, Doctor Londoño will evaluate you and explain the entire process. In addition, it will provide all the advice you need to meet all the expectations that you have created.

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It lasts approximately 45 minutes for a value of 250,000 Colombian pesos.

In this medical study, we ask questions to find out details such as: the moment in which the fall began, solutions used and allergies (if they have occurred). In addition, as the most important point, we seek to know the expectations set out in order to achieve or even exceed them.

At the end of the evaluation, after identifying if there is any pathology or disease that causes the fall, we will also determine what would be the best treatment to be used.

Taking follicles, FUE technique

The FUE technique is a minimally invasive and outpatient method, in which the hair follicles are extracted 1 × 1 from the donor area (generally the posterior region of the scalp).

With the FUE technique, the extraction of scalp strips is avoided, as is the case with the FUT technique.

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The results obtained through our hair graft are long-lasting and natural in appearance.

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