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Professional Hair Restoration Services in Medellin Colombia

Our hair services share the same purpose: to repopulate the areas where there is no longer hair.

These are extremely effective procedures for very particular cases such as: patients with alopecia, men and women who want to repopulate the areas where they have lost hair volume.

In an evaluation appointment we will be able to determine which is the ideal procedure for you, it can be a surgical treatment such as hair microimplantation or non-surgical treatment such as hair restoration therapy or platelet-rich plasma.

Hair restoration

It consists of the implementation of various non-surgical management strategies aimed to improve hair loss, especially in patients with non-scarring alopecia. In addition to the recommendations for home management with the base medications for the treatment of alopecia, you can use tools such as lasers and other types of equipment in combination with the different forms of hair mesotherapy.
Platelet-rich plasma sessions are also included, seeking to stimulate the hair follicle, improve its quality and prolong its life and thus increase the capillary density of our clients.
We have two options, medical and surgical management, in an evaluation assessment we will define the best alternative for you.

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Hair implant surgery

Hair implant surgery is the modern version of hair restoration surgery.
It seeks to repopulate areas that have been affected by alopecia or baldness processes.
In this surgery, hair follicles are obtained from a donor area (generally the back region of the scalp) to later be implanted in the area to be covered.
In modern hair restoration surgery, hair follicles can be obtained using the FUSS (strip) technique or the FUE sapphire technique, which stands for Follicular Unit Extraction.
Wit this technique, we can extract the hair follicles that need to be implanted, leaving minimal traces of having undergone a surgical procedure.

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Capillary Plasma

There are already several studies that show positive results in the management of alopecia (baldness) after monthly therapies with fibrin matrix rich in platelets.
A statistically significant increase in the capillary density index has been observed when making comparative measurements before initiating therapy and after 2 and 6 months after initiation. Thus, this form of treatment becomes one more tool to consider in our attempt to provide a solution to this condition that increasingly affects men and women around the world.
Platelets contain abundant growth factors and stem cells (obtained from the patient’s own blood), substances that help regenerate hair follicles in the infiltrated area, transferring more nutrients and increasing cell proliferation.

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